Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother’s Day Peace

Raise your hand finally feel as if you've accomplished something around the yard!!  Me too!

I was finally able to get some things planted today and the best treat was that my youngest daughter got herself down and dirty to help!  She actually planted a lot of the veggies...eggplant, broccoli, sweet peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, and Italian plum tomatoes. The peas are already coming up after being planted a few weeks ago by my middle daughter.


(Yes, that IS  a gas pump by the barn…we do love our antiques!)


I also started my very own flower garden!  I know, it's sad, but I've never had my own flower garden. Last fall I planted black-eyed susans, stone crop, and purple turtleheads. Today I planted cleome, verbena and bluebells, along with a giant lavender plant.  There’s a sundial in the middle that I have to “set” when the sun shines.


I'm also lusting after this gorgeous amethyst geode that my brother put in my mother's garden...I just may sneak in after dark and confiscate it.  Shhhh....don't tell. Look at it, though; do you blame me?


Here's a picture of my mom...she's 88 years old! She is my best friend and my inspiration for every part of my life.  She and Dad were married 62 years before we lost him, and still she carries on. A true gem, that mother of mine.


This is another special little corner.  We put the fountain in to honor all of our family that has gone before us. It brings great peace, especially when everything’s in bloom. Did I tell you we also collect sleds?  We have upwards of 22 or so.


And lastly…they thought they were sooooo funny slapping this hat on me and snapping away.  Please note the “old woman” glass chain and the double chin.  Ahem.


I hope everyone had a beautiful day today, mother or not.  Have a sparkly Monday! See ya!


  1. i see absolutely no double chin. all i see is a beautiful face, beautiful smile, and all i hope to be when i grow up.

    love, the youngest.<3

  2. Love your place, I would love to have a little land like that, it looks so peacefull.

  3. i like the picture of colleen gardening with a glimpse of the backyard. SUPER COOL! chels has a blog now, i am her first follower! i win! i don't even blog, haha