Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Hospital Update

Hi there. Thank God my husband's surgery went well...the md was able to do the "more optimum" of the two procedures, which has a much better chance for success. He needed at least one or two units of blood, however, as he lost a bit more than they liked. He's also running a fever and we're not sure why. But, we can hear a pulse in his right foot which hasn't happened in months! So, all things considered, we have success.

Our poor dog is going to need therapy, though. Since we got her 4 years ago, she has not been separated from him for one single night. Now he's going to be gone for about a week...can you say "howling animal"?! Sadly, we'll be one of those families that has the dog talk on the phone to the pathetic is that!?

Oh yeah! The kids are here with a pizza for the family so I don't have to cook. (they also made breakfast for each other, the boyfriend washed the dishes, and they folded all of the towels!) Time for supper, a hot shower and bed.

And may I say, walking out of that hospital smell into the wonderful springtime flowers smell....aaaahhhhhh.


  1. So glad things went well! Lots of prayers your way!
    Many Blessings!

  2. so glad to hear it went well for your hubby and that he continues to improve!

  3. oh, i'm so glad the surgery is over! i will keep him in my prayers. :)