Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weary Thursday

Hi there.  I just can’t believe how darn tired I get by this time each week!  I think it’s the mental exhaustion from working with middle schoolers that does me in.

All I wanted to do today was come home, put my feet up outside on the patio, and “be”.   I did get to “sit a spell” and with the soft breeze blowing, I thought I’d snap a few photos to share with you. 

DSCN2076 These are so pretty…we don’t even eat them, we just like to watch them grow!

DSCN2077 A simple little buttercup looking like a tiny sun.

DSCN2074 A (slightly blurry) peony bud.  Soon….probably within the next two weeks…they will be gloriously huge and fragrant!

DSCN2078 And what are these adorable little babies? I have no idea,but they are so sweet.

Aaaah, the softness and gentleness of spring!


  1. from the leaves it looks like ground ivy!

  2. puuuuurdy!
    what are those edible thingies? they look like the flowers on Bambi...ya know the ones Thumper eats?

  3. So beautiful! I would have to sit more "than a spell"! :)

  4. 'morning. i think the purple fuzzy flowers are chives. how intellectual does that sound? "the purple fuzzy flowers"? :)