Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi there and as always~TGIF! Today's even better because it marks the last full week of school for us...only three days next week, one of them without any kids.

It was a crazy day today and once I got home from doing errands (because I can never ever get away without doing errands), I was mentally exhausted! I dragged my sorry self out to the hammock with a blanket and a new book (The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein), where I ended up dozing for a bit. Talk about a quiet break.

Once I woke up and my eyes refocused, I was able to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the yard...there was a small flock of robins, the mama rabbit grazing, and lots of new growth all over the place.

This is my small lavender patch. See the large whitish plants? Those are "Nana Lavender" and are supposedly yellow! I can't wait to see that!

This is the small garden located near my cottage. See the large lavender plant? That was a gift from my youngest daughter's boyfriend and if he was trying to butter me up, it worked. :)

This is, quite obviously, a brick. I happen to love bricks; maybe because they have come from somewhere else, they've "lived another life" so to speak. We have stacks of bricks here and there, just in case I want to use some. It drives my husband and son crazy, but that's ok.

Now, you may be asking, "what's with the canoe?" I'll tell middle daughter leans toward adventure. She and her best friend have been longing for a canoe, actually, a few canoes. They found this one on Craig's List, but it happened to be in New York State (we're in Massachusetts, by the way). Now, you or I might think that driving to New York would be just silly to get a canoe...but off they went. And here it is. Ladies and "The Tipsy Gypsy".


  1. I love canoeing. Haven't done it in years, but have wonderful memories doing it while dating my hubby. You go girls! Your my kind of people!

  2. beautiful photos! you will have to share with me the secret of growing lavendar in new england... i have lost more plants than i care to recall to our winters!!! i can't wait to see photos of the yellow lavendar!