Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Again, Finally

Hi everyone.  As they say at Cape Canaveral, “the eagle has landed”, and by “the eagle”, I mean my husband!  He’s landed here on the couch, with the dog curled up at his feet, and about 90+ staples holding him together!  

sleeping lucy As far as the dog is concerned, her life is complete with her master home again, finally.

As I wasn’t expecting Bob home til later this week, I am totally unprepared, food-wise, for anything for him. So what am I doing about that?  Why, what any self-respecting wife would do…I’m posting blog photos! 

Here are the peonies, in their full glory!  Only three days ago, they were “thinking about” making an appearance, but here they are, a little gift from God to welcome Bob home…and that scent, that magnificent scent!







DSCN2205 And then I looked up. :)


  1. how lovely... so glad he's home and hope all goes smoothly for you both!!

  2. What a welcome home - that's BEAUTIFUL!!! Would send some food your way...not sure how fresh it would be when it got there! :) Hope your hubby feels better and stronger everyday...and that sweet little dog looks so happy now!