Thursday, July 2, 2009

Raise your hand if…you hate too much change.  I do.  I’m not fond of change.  I know it’s supposed to happen, I know it means growth and moving forward, but, honestly, I like being in my rut.

On the wall at the bottom of our stairs hang four photos, one of each child.  I change them yearly throughout their school years to keep up with the “formal” photos.  Well, I just finished changing child #4, the baby, the youngest, my little sweetie, the one who’s face was so small at birth that we gave her a “big” middle name (Victoria), the one who I keep seeing as 8 years old in my mind. 

I know I should be happy that she’s growing into a young woman, that she’s a high school senior now, that she’s beginning to plan for after high school….but….come on!  I can’t do it yet, I just can’t.

DSCN2306The photo on the left is her at the age of nine; the one on the right is from two days ago at the age of 16 1/2. 

What’s a mother to do? 

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  1. wow what a difference a few years makes? she is a beautiful girl!

    when i feel i cant deal with any more change, i always remind myself that the one constant in life is that it changes, and that the day things stop changing me... is the day i die. sort of puts change back into perspective for me, and i can roll with the punches a bit better.... xox.... annie