Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Monday

Happy summer Monday evening. :)

Well, we worked for hours yesterday on the front bed, and six loads of mulch later, it is done and may I say, it looks darn nice! (you'd think I'd have taken at least one photo of the finished product---sheesh). One thing I re-learned yesterday, though, is how much I dislike working in the heat. Hate. It. My shower felt absolutely wonderful at the end of the day!

As usual, today didn't go as planned, which is why I tend to write my plans in pencil. My middle daughter and I headed out to Barnes and Noble midday and got home around 4:30! I had no idea we'd be gone that long, but I so enjoy spending time with my children...they are such fun. :)

Once home, I sat out back with my husband and read a few chapters to him from the new book I just bought. It's called There's a Porcupine in My Outhouse by Michael Tougias and it is funny. Bob (my husband) went to school with Mike and I've loved his writing for years. This book is considered a New England essay which mainly takes place in Vermont, my favorite place. We both laughed out loud more than once.

Later, while stalking checking out the author on Facebook, I found out that Mike and another author are offering a one-day writing/publishing workshop this fall. Why does that matter you ask? Well, I'm going to write a book. There. I said it. And not knowing how, I asked both God and The Universe to send me someone to guide; voila--I find this workshop today! How cool is that?? I'm so excited and plan to sign up tomorrow. Don't you just love how God and The Universe work?

Ok, I'm off. Only one hour til Cake Boss comes on and we do love that show! See ya.


  1. oh how very cool! where's the workshop? post the link! i'd be honored to be included in your book... and yeah, post a photo of that bed, too!!! xox.... annie

  2. I am heading to the bookstore today and am going to purchase the book. I love the title, and love to laugh out loud. That is so neat about the coincidence there my friend, because it is your destiny to do some writing. Can't wait to hear all about it!


    Hi gals. Annie, this is Mike's website and the link for his workshop is on the left side. And, when I saw the photos of your "office", it got me motivated to get moving on this book thing. Your "sacred space" would be wonderful to share! Of course, everyone will be jealous, but, what the heck!

    Nancy...You will love this book! I was reading it while eating breakfast and laughed out loud by myself! Like I said, my husband went to school with him and when I met him, I gushed! How lame!

    A big thank you for believing that finding this workshop was no coincidence...the simplest words can mean the most! :)