Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm curious...what's your dream house? I mean like, your "fantasy-nothing-can-stop-you dream house"? I'm still in the process of mentally designing, building and decorating my lakehouse which is surrounded by wildflower filled fields, evergreens, and mountain views, BUT, besides that one, I think I'd love a treehouse!

How fun would it be to wake up every morning and gaze out of your window to find yourself living amongst the canopy of green? I think it would be so wonderful! Of course my treehouse would have a screened porch so that I could always be wrapped up in that cool, green world. Can you imagine the peaceful, CLOSE, sound of raindrops on the leaves?! What fun!


  1. Funny you should mention that because Dan-the-Man and I recently went to a state park and hiked to a lookout point that was way up in the tress with a wrap around deck overlooking the Missou-RAH river and we were sitting therr thinking how cool it would be to have a home up in the trees. My ultimate dream home is a cozy cottage, just like I'm in. We are working on perfecting project a picket fence with an abundance of flowers planted on both sides. We have a little piece of heaven on earth here at Acorn Cottage.

    Smiles, Nancy

  2. You are so darn lucky to be contented and happy right where you are. Not everyone can say that. To some, the grass is always greener.

  3. I have to agree with your dream house. I already live on my dream property. We've been in an ongoing process of remodeling our house and now it's all windows so for the moment that will have to be my dream house.

  4. Hello---
    My dream house would be one that all the rooms
    are redone, Stanley Steamer has come and done
    his magic and we would have new furniture in
    the living room!


  5. Sigh. We really don't want too much in our dream houses, do we? I guess our own personal comfort is all that really matters.

    I was at Barnes and Noble today and came across a very cool book, the title of which I can't quite remember, but it was about treehouses all over the U.S. I think I reallyreally want one now!