Friday, August 14, 2009

More Wii Snippets

Behind me is another bizarre exchange between two daughters whilst playing Zelda on Wii. And I quote...

"Make sure you wear the iron boots to do that."
"My wrist hurts!"
"It's shooting!"
"Yeah, there are bad guys or something."
"If you wear your iron boots, you can run through it."
"How does he hold onto his sword and hold his body up while hanging over a cliff?"

(He lifts weights, dear.)

"I wish that you would just go faster!"
"You didn't let the shield attack it, did you?"
"What is it? How do you do it?"
"You know that wolf? The wolf that you sang to, he's a samurai guy."
"Fight him, fight him, you hate him. Jump on him, JUMP ON HIM!"
"Stay, stay...onto the cliff. Oops!"

(That can't be good, falling off a cliff and all.)

"Throw a rock at him. Not TOWARDS him!"
"Oh, in the wall."
"I hate when I fall into a cliff."


(Insert strange fighting noises, drug-induced music, and swords clanging here.)

"Whoa, WHOA! Trying to get a heart here, dude!"
"Is this all safe?"
"That guy's not going to be happy."
"Wait til you get to the hot them."
"Love the crazy Goron King."
"No, no, he's just an elder. The King is possessed right now."

(Yeah, so are both of you!)

"Are my boots on?!"
"I'm not digging the waders."
"He's going to fling you out like nobody's business."
"Are you wearing iron shoes?"
"Back in my day, they called those concrete shoes!" (says Dad!)

Another day in paradise I guess. 'Nite all. :)

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