Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pennies from Heaven

Hi there. Well, today didn't go quite the way I planned, but lots of paperwork got done which makes a huge difference.

I had plans to start three painting projects, but only managed to get one finished. It's okay, though; it's a small but important project. It's a small box for my six-year old granddaughter, Mackenzie. When our friend Tommy died almost two weeks ago, it not only hit the grown-ups, it hit the little ones. And my granddaughter loved him so much...she called him Uncle Tommy.

Kenzie's Meme told her about pennies from heaven and how whenever she finds one, it just might be from Tommy. Well, she searched for pennies for days and when she finally found one, she put it under her pillow. I painted this little box for her to put her "pennies from heaven" in to keep them close and safe. Whatever it takes to help soften the loss. It isn't fancy, but it'll be hers.

I lined the cover and the bottom of the box with sparkly cardstock, then drilled two holes in a wooden star, painted her initial, coated it with glitter (of course), and threaded wire through it to secure it to the cover. Like I said, it wasn't a big project, but an important one.

Well, late as it is, it's time for supper. One of the things I love about summer is the lack of a set schedule. And the other thing I love about summer is that I treated myself to Ben & Jerry's ice cream this week. I don't usually crave ice cream, except for now. Off I go to indulge. G'night.


  1. Carol--
    Hi--I love your little box. What a nice way to remember someone. Grieving is hard for adults
    but it is much harder for young children.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the compliments-I enjoyed them!

  2. Tha's very sweet and thoughtful. Yes, sometimes we do forget about the children and I love your story. I'm sure that will lift her spirits. That was very sweet and thoughtful of you!