Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raise your hand if… you and your husband thought today--with 71% humidity--would be a good day to do yard work.  Anyone? No one? I don't blame was definitely a stay-in-the-air-conditioned-house day. Unless, of course, you were us.


Bob and I decided that since our son is overwhelmed with landscaping accounts, we'd do our own yard work so that he wouldn't see it and think..."my parents are sloths".  Off we went.


I used the push-mower to do the smaller area around my cottage, plus some nooks and crannies where the rider won't fit.  Bob used the rider for the front yard, and since much of the rest of the acre is swampy from the rain, only part of it got mowed.


Bob put away the mowers and foolishly thought that we were done...silly man.  I said to him, "as long as we're out here, let's just...weedhere, sweephere, putawaythesebarrels, checkontheblueberries, cleanoffthebackporch, rakethepatio, addwatertothefountain, weedthelavenderbed,  cutbackthetrumpetvine, checkonthebeehive...." You get the picture.  And so did he. :)


The copious amounts of sweat were worth it when my oldest daughter and I drove down the driveway and she told me how nice it all looked.  "It looks like you two have been busy around here."  Yes, yes we have kiddo, and as Eeyore would say, thanks for noticin'.   And now, it’s  off to The Porch.


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  1. Carol--
    You sound like my husband and I. We usually
    pick the hottest day of the week to do summer yardwork and the coldest day to put up holiday decorations. I guess the pride we get when the project is done is worth the trials and