Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

Raise your hand if... you finished painting a sign for your own living room, even though you have two others to do as gifts for friends! Cool, me too!!

I was finally able to get out into my cottage and spend some quality time with myself. I crave quiet, always have, but having four kids and a husband who talks incessantly (even if no one's listening), allows for a very taxed, overloaded brain for this mama. If I don't get my quiet time, I tend to just shut down. afternoon alone.

I've been wanting to change the decor (fancy shmancy word for "stuff on the walls") in our living room to make it more minimalistic (hahahahahaha). Really, I have, I kid you not. Well anyway, I finally decided to paint a sign with the name of our favorite lake on it, so I did. I distressed it, varnished it and voila...fini.

This is the sign PRE distressing...

...and this is it POST distressing. I like them better when they aren't too clean-edged.

I wasn't sure what was going on the wall above the sign, but that's been settled, too. My son and I collect old windows just for the halibut (get it? halibut/hell of it...little fish joke) and I have a really cool white one that's about four feet wide, one foot high, with five panes in it. As of right now, that little gem is painted black and I will distress it tomorrow. I may twist a grapevine or a berry garland around it. We shall see. I'll share photos once it's done. Let's hope we can find some wall studs that will support the window; otherwise, I need a new house. It's that simple.

Just an odd footnote to share. This week, a total of four good-sized tree limbs have fallen into different places throughout the yard: one in the front yard moments after my husband had driven away on the mower, one on the garage roof, one directly where the truck would have been parked, and the fourth way out back.

Then, strangest of all, today a bunch of helium balloons landed way out back! Someone must have let go of them and they found their way here. Not odd by itself, but with things falling out of the sky all this week, we're all spending time looking up!

PS--Made some very gooey and delicious S'mores Bars tonight. When all else fails, we bake. And, when we're trying to keep ourselves distracted, we bake. Works every time. 'Nite.

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  1. I love the sign! You did an excellent job on it! Watch out, you might start getting request for special orders. I love that you put the destination of someplace that you love to go, bringing a personal touch to it.

    Now, can't mention S'more Bars and not post the recipe! I'm still waiting for the Cannoli Cake recipe, so now you've got two things you need to share! Best get to that recipe box and 'puter ASAP! Please :)

    Hugs, Nancy