Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here's a bit of color just beginning to appear. The edges of many of the leaves are tinged with color, making each leaf look as if it's a colored pencil drawing with each color being softly blended into the other.

This tree (a sassafrass maybe?) grows along our stone wall out front. Each Fall, it looks as if it's lit up from within!

Creations from last weekend at the 20th anniversary gathering of the farmstand where my daughter works.

My sweet little granddaughter (in the white, with her cousin), painting pumpkins last weekend. She fills my heart, that little one does.


  1. Hi Carol--
    I'm loving the colors this year.
    We have some beautiful reds this year. They
    are so pretty and cheerful!
    Those pumpkins are soooo sweet.
    Have agreat Wednesday.


  2. Hi Ms. Carol,
    I am just in awe of the lovely fall colors! My favorite tree is when I drive home from work, it's a sugar maple and it's brilliant red right now! Heavy sigh. Plus I'm reading Gladys Taber right now which just enhances everything.

    Smiles, Nancy