Friday, October 9, 2009

I am so glad that Fridays come around every week!

Well, Bob and I are off to Vermont bright and early tomorrow morning ALONE! This will be his first time back in ten years, and our first trip ALONE together in about 12 or 15 years; he's as excited as a little kid! He went out and bought new fishing supplies and has called me about four times in the past two hours with "one more thing to bring".

I'm always excited to go, but this trip will be different. We're hoping it will be a healing experience for both of us as this past year has been one of the toughest ones we've had since, well, since we started out 31 years ago. We've faced issue after issue this year...medical, emotional, family, financial, marriage...and although we're still standing, we're most definitely wounded. We have been tested.

So off we go with fingers crossed, plenty of food, warm clothes, raingear, music, camera, and books. (I might even sneak in a little wine!) Tally ho!


  1. Carol---
    Have a great time--sounds like fun!
    I hope you come back refreshed and renewed
    as a couple and individuals!
    Can't wait to see Vermont!!!


  2. I read your other posts first so I know you had an incredible time.
    I think there are always years where we just get tested over and over again and we think it will never end. Somehow, we do pull through and I hope seeing the beautiful scenery and enjoying the peace that is Vermont helped.
    Your photos have been fabulous.