Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hi there and a happy Saturday afternoon to you. And may I say I am mighty glad it's a weekend. :)

Been feeling very blah and uncreative this past week, so I stayed away from posting. Today is much better, as it started with my sweetie of a granddaughter and her daddy coming by...he's putting the leaf box on his landscaping truck and she's hanging out with us girls. She was going to come to the mall with me, but her aunties won out and they all hung around playing Wii. She's presently winning at Slap Jack and darn proud of it!

So, we have this gorgeous maple tree out front (a Japanese maple maybe?) and when it turns red in the Fall, it is amazingly brilliant. I tried to catch its brilliance with my camera, but it doesn't do it justice. Here's a shot of it anyway.

We're celebrating Chelsea's 22nd birthday tomorrow, so I should stop lollygagging and get this house in order. Have a fun Halloween!

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  1. Hello-

    Have missed seeing you over at Dreaming.
    Glad to hear that you are back at it.
    Hope your Halloween was fun.
    Happy Birthday to Chelsea!!!