Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last Sunday we were experiencing a snow squall; today, I found this little blossom on the back porch.  Ah, New England weather, if you don’t like it, just wait a minute.


DSCN3146_358 A glorious burst of Autumn color.

DSCN3144_359 This is our fountain which honors all of the people we love that have passed on.  Sadly, we added another person this summer, our beloved friend Tommy. ..but in the true sense of loving someone, he will never leave our hearts.  It’s time to tuck it safely away for another winter.



  1. Changing weather, are you sure your not in North Texas? Hugs

  2. I'm with you both we've had cool,cold,rain sun and warn in the last three days.

    Ken and I worked in the yard and on the deck yesterday, getting rid of leaves and mowing
    plus emptying pots and putting things in the shed that we won't use for awhile. Today we were back to cool and rain.

    Have a grest Monday!