Monday, December 7, 2009

Raise your hand if... your brother celebrated his 60th birthday surrounded by family, friends and love this past weekend!

In this photo is the birthday boy, my brother Kenn, who just turned SIXTY! I know, I know...he doesNOT look it, damn him. There's my mom (she'll be 89 in March), me flapping my lips, and my younger sister Karen. This photo helps me remember who I was long before I was a wife or mother...these are my roots. And I'm pretty sure that if I look real closely, I can see my father's loving smile shining down on all four of us. :)

And this photo helps me remember who I am now...Nona to Mackenzie Marie!

I love this one of my mom and my brother, her firstborn.

It was one of those times that you look around at everyone there and realize that the room is filled with love, and life is good.


  1. Such a happy occasion-Lucky you to still have family around.


  2. Happy Birthday to your brother. What a great thing that you are all together for such a special occasion.

  3. Hi Melinda and Tammy. I agree with you is what matters most.