Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miscellaneous Photos

Snow day today! There's something so special about the first snow day of the winter...and about watching my daughters (not me, thankfully) digging the cars out of the snow.

I got pretty productive a couple of weekends ago and made a batch of blueberry jam and a batch of triple-berry jam. Talk about a sweet-smelling kitchen that day!

I wanted to share a few photos from Thanksgiving with you which I couldn't do before since our computer was hospitalized.

Here's Mom, making and tasting the gravy. It doesn't matter how much of a "grown up" I am, I still need Mom doing her thing close by.

Here's Bob and I, celebrating our 31st Thanksgiving together. Sheesh...that long??

"Ok everyone, group photo!" It's amazing how we all fit into our ridiculously small cozy dining room, isn't it? Our son and his family came later for dessert and we all managed to squeeze in.

And lastly for now, here are the three girls, four if you count the dog, hanging out with each other on this greatly appreciated snow day. Hope you're having a good day wherever you are. :)


  1. Lucky you--we had to go in today. We had biter wind chills and getting kids off of buses was not fun! Tomorrow morning is supposed to be colder!!
    Have fun!


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration! Trust me, I know the meaning of cozy here at Acorn Cottage, but I love it! Glad to see you made some homemade goodies. I know in my family they are treasured like gold! Thanks for sharing your canning story with me, I feel all better now!