Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am so doing the snow dance right now! We're due between three inches and fourteen inches of snow (depending on which "expert" you listen to) between tomorrow morning and tomorrow night, and all of us teachers are praying it comes! A mid-week snow day would be great! If it comes, I have plans that involve chocolate, pretzels and candy molds. :D


  1. How many snow days do you get before you have to start making them up?
    I think we get three. Our experts missed the mark yesterday and we had school. :(
    Hope you get your wish--enjoy the chocolate fun!


  2. Hey there. Unfortunately, we have to make up every snow day; so far, without tomorrow, we're getting out June 22. It'll bug me then, but right now, I'm ok with another day off!

  3. nice job with the dance, carol!
    your/our wish has been granted!

    even though we have to make up these days- i just love the surprise/ suspense of "you don't have to work today!"
    enjoy your chocolate! might i suggest a hot bath in the mid-day (with chocolate and wine)?
    oh so much relaxing to do!