Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hi there. Spring has sprung! Every year I wait for the two most important signs of being the street sweepers (they came last week), and one being the crocuses showing their sweet faces. So...voila! Actually, I tried to upload a photo for my header, but it's acting strangely and all photos are coming ginormous! When I fix it, I'll change it.

I thought I'd share with you these sneakers that I painted years ago and that I wear every St. Patrick's Day in honor of my son's birthday. Luckily I work in a middle school so wearing them is just plain fun. Imagine how brave (or stupid) I'd have to be to wear them in a corporate office?! Yikes!

This is the very back where I painted my birthday can imagine how thrilled my son is whenever I wear them! (yeah right!) To heck with's my job to embarass my children whenever I can.

And lest we forget...TGIF tomorrow!

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