Saturday, March 20, 2010

Raise your hand if... you got to do a bit of Spring yard work today and got to smell that sweet new-earth smell! Me, too! :)

I did a lot of work in my little corner garden (here it is last year) which is right next to my art cottage. I raked up last fall's leaves, cut back the lavender, put out one of the gazing balls, and sat in my cottage for awhile, alone and quiet. I'm hoping that it will help clean out my foggy brain and get me moving into a better personal space.

We're due for cooler, more seasonable weather this week, but today's high of about 65 degrees, plus the sunshine, was quite nice. :) I hope you're feeling Spring where you are...tis the Season of Hope.


  1. Hi Carol---

    My season of hope began with 8" of SNOW!
    Yes, that's right I said the "s" word. Can
    you believe it? The first day of Spring and all.
    Glad you were able to get out and about.


  2. Yikes!! Here I am, thinking we can put away the shovels, etc., and my husband has to remind me that this is New England! How easily I forget...and you had SNOW!! Well, with any luck it won't last too long. Bummer that it wasn't a snow day!