Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pez Galore!

First of all, hi there, happy weekend, and I’ve missed you. :)

Second of all~

Raise your hand if…you collect Pez.  Hey, me too!

A couple of weeks ago, just for the fun of it, I answered a “Wanted” ad on Craig's List for Pez collectors.  Turns out this very nice kid from Hampshire College is doing a documentary on people and their collections, including Pez.  So….last Monday, he came here laden with a boatload of camera equipment and a very inquisitive mind.  He stayed for almost two hours, asking questions, filming, chatting, taking still photos and being quite enjoyable.

I wore a teeny little microphone and got to talk about my collection…DSCN3733 …about 120 of them here, although I can’t remember where I put the rest of them, about 50 or 60 more!  I think it’s the darn “old-age” forgetfulness.  When he asked why I collect Pez, I told him because they’re cute, colorful, cheap and fun to look at; nothing deeper than that. (I don’t even eat the candy!)

DSCN3738 If you bend Chewbacca's head back, he’ll play the Star Wars theme song!  Daughter #2 used to wake Daughter #3 up in the middle of the night by doing just that…Daughter #3 did not find it amusing!

DSCN3735 How cute and colorful are these Flintstones Pez?

The only Pez that I spent any real money on is a Yankees Charlie Brown, in honor of my dad who was an avid Yankees fan.  That one cost $20…the others were all either gifts or impromptu purchases.

So….what do you collect?




  1. My daughters, now 15 and 19, collected Pez dispensers when they were younger. We have so many! Love your collection!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In love with you blog header. Can you share how you did that?

  3. Hi---
    I have missed you-busy with school? Not much longer here but whose counting right?
    I'll be showing Ken your post, he has a very small collection of them. they are very fun.
    I love the Chewie story. Sisters!

    Hope all is well and thank you for your sweet comment on my current post! We both appreciate it.


  4. That is an awesome collection!