Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raise your hand if... your middle daughter and her bff are leaving for a 10-day road trip and today, while at Walmart, your contribution to the road trip was as follows: two whistles and a SNAKE BITE KIT! And they wonder why we go gray.


  1. Sorry no can do. Where are they going that they may need a snake bite kit????
    I wish them good luck.

    Are you done with school?


  2. Hi Melinda. Sigh...these two goofballs are heading down the east coast towards DC and Virginia. They're camping out all along the way, then turning around and heading back. They plan to finish their trip with a Yankees game. Oh, to be young, carefree and FOOLISH!!

    Not finished school yet, although I'm taking the next two days as personal days. We're having a big party Sunday so I'll be working around here. Kids are done next Wednesday and we're done Thursday. Can't come soon enough!