Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hi friends. What a great day today. Why you ask? Because I took today and tomorrow off as "personal days" in order to get the yard and house ready for the triple graduation party we're having on Sunday, that's why.

Yes, I said triple graduation party...I know, it's insanity. good friend Nina looooves to party plan and she's doing it all, from start to finish. All I have to do is watch the tent people set up the tent today and pretty-up the yard.

Today I spread seven bags of mulch, planted more flowers, weeded, weeded and weeded some more. The yard looks wonderful and I'll share some photos soon.

There are about 65-plus people supposedly coming! I've never done a party this size before, especially since we have a pretty teeny house, but I'm trusting that it will all go well. I'll keep you posted. Til always...TGIF tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Sixty five people!!!!!!! Oh my. You are a brave woman.
    Have a great time!!!