Saturday, July 10, 2010

Raise your hand're leaving for a week in northern Vermont tomorrow, on the lake that brings you immense healing, surrounded by mountains and evergreens, with your husband, your three daughters, your mom, AND the dog. :)

It's the place that I crave all year long, the place that I first visited over 30 years ago and have loved ever since. My husband's grandparents had a "camp" on this lake since time began, then his parents were able to own a small camp, then a little larger one, so my husband has grown up on this lake, as have our kids.

I love this place year-round, through every season. It feels like home.

Springtime at the lake doesn't always mean warm temperatures and lots of green! This was taken mid-April...a soft dusting of snow (by that I mean four inches!) covered the landscape when we awoke.

Autumn brings the quintessential New England...color, crisp, chilly air, the smell of wood-burning stoves, the lake beginning to turn its midnight blue.

I almost love it best in the winter because of the quiet that is so profound. As a rule, only the locals are there during the winter and time stands still.

I hope you all have a good week, be it vacation week or not. I'll have more photos to share when we get home. See ya. :)


  1. Have fun!
    Looks so peaceful.

    PS I got my pretties in the mail and I love them. WooHoooooooo!


  2. Have a wonderful, restful, relaxing week. Your lake looks gorgeous!

  3. Hi Melinda. I'm glad you like them. Enjoy! :)

    Hi Lori. It is a gorgeous lake, as is the village that surrounds it. Maybe when I grow up....

  4. oh i lovermont, too!
    hope you had a wonderfully relaxing, rejuvenating time!

  5. I feel the same way about Lake Winnepesauke and the White Mountains!! It's in my blood!!