Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hi there. I don't know about where you live, but it's hot as hell here in Massachusetts...hotter than that even! So, what do you do when it's hot as hell? You make sun tea, of course. :)

It's actually too hot for me to work out in my studio, but I wanted to share a photo of what it looks like this summer.

Please note the lovely hydrangea...isn't it sweet? I've had that plant for six or eight years with NO blooms on it. Well, evidently you're not supposed to cut it back every autumn; it blooms on old wood. Who knew? (not me, that's for sure).

I finally let it grown without trimming it and lo and behold...nine blossoms! The header photo on my blog is actually one of the blooms up close. I love the gentle color.

I hope everyone's staying cool and comfortable these days. :)


  1. What a cute spot to be creative!!
    Stay cool and enjoy your tea. My drink of choice.


  2. Oh, your studio is so adorable! Hope it cools off a bit for you there. It's only in the 60s here today. Apparently, the heat wave forgot about us here in Colorado.