Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Puppy

Oh yeah, on a cheerier note...this is my son and his family's new puppy, Bella!  Is she not ADORABLE??!!  She's a seven-week old female golden retriever.   You really can't feel too bad when you hold a puppy, can you?


  1. Absolutely adorable! I've got a definite soft spot for Goldens.

    The boys loved their signs btw.

  2. Her name is close to mine! I know that name is from the vampire movie, but I can't help it; it is so exciting to have a name that seems a little more common. First it was Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and now there is Bella!

  3. I love her name, too. It means "beautiful" in Italian (of which I am half...is that correct grammar??). Ever since my granddaughter was born, I say to her "ciao bella" when she leaves, so she knows the Italian meaning.

    I'm so glad your boys liked their signs, Lori. I'm working on four more custom orders now, all home-town names!