Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Raise your hand if...you're feeling overwhelmed, too busy with life to enjoy living, and out of breath, figuratively speaking.  Yeah, me too.

I am grateful to have a job that I enjoy with people I truly like, but between work and taking care of family, I seem to have gotten lost in there somewhere.  Add to that the holiday season which piles more responsibility on top of the other, and I'm already running on reserve power.   Somewhere along the way, I have to remember to fill my soul...right now, not doing such a great job at that.

I hope you are feeling more peaceful than I am and that you are remembering to fill your soul! 


  1. This time of year is tough when you work in a school setting--you never know "which" child will greet you each day.
    Try to find tme for yourself--YOU are important too.


  2. Luckily, I am now retired from all my years of babysitting. Believe me, that kept me running. I have had time to find new interests, and time to have peace and quiet.

  3. Thanks Melinda...you sure do understand how much it takes out of a person working with all these kids!

    And Belle...thanks for letting me know that there is peace and quiet down the road. :)