Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost Ready to Sell

Hi again.  I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours uploading more photos of new signs to my selling blog.  Whew.  How clueless I was last November when I innocently posted that it would be up and running in about two weeks...yeah, if I had nothing else that required my presence!

Anyway...I still have to get the descriptions, price and shipping costs recorded, then I'll be DONE!  Or maybe I'll be STARTING...who knows.  Either way, I'll keep working on it til it's ready. :)

Til then, here are a few more signs I finished recently.

This one speaks for itself!

I did this one in four different color combinations.

One of my favorites.

I highly distressed this one, which I love doing!  I think if you click on it, it'll show up better.


  1. Your signs are looking great!
    Love the "Celebrate Life" one.

    Good Luck with this too.

    Come by sometime.


  2. Glad you are almost done. It must be a lot of work!