Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi friends.  Happy Monday to you. :)

I hope everyone is well and able to feel the warm sunshine on their faces.  

Things are ok here, although my  husband is facing a "forced" early retirement because of the unexpected blood-clotting issue he's been facing since January 20.  It sure wasn't in our plans, but it's here, so we're doing our best to  move forward.   We were sitting in the doctor's office today, waiting, and told each other that no matter what, there's always someone who has it worse.  We'll be ok, one way or another. 

I hope everyone you love is healthy and safe, and thank heavens Spring is on the way FINALLY!


  1. I do hope everything will work out well for you and your husband. My husband is still able to work although he has carcinoid syndrome, but we never know when he may have to retire.

  2. Sorry to hear that. It will be adjustment I'm sure but try to keep the faith and believe that out of every mud puddle God will show you a rainbow.

  3. Good Luck to your hubby--I'm sure things will work out for you.


  4. I hope everything would turn out fine with your husband.

  5. Hi Natalie...It's very nice to meet you and thank you for your kind thoughts. :)

    I enjoyed reading your blog; I like your ideas. :)