Saturday, August 13, 2016

East Coast Gem and Mineral Show

Raise your hand are in love with one of nature's gifts, gems and minerals!  Me, too!!

My husband and I went to the East Coast Gem and Mineral Show yesterday, what a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Here's just a little bit of what we saw...

...this is actually gold.  How magnificent, as was the price tag!  I can't remember the exact amount on this piece, but we saw prices up to $75,000.00!

If I were a beader, I'd have been in beader heaven!  The two photos above are just a minute section of the beads and cabochons offered for sale.

This is pyrite, which grows in cube shapes, cool huh?  My husband bought a very small piece for home, just to have.

My favorite pieces of all are the minerals.  To think that they are naturally occurring in nature is mind-blowing to me!  A gift from God and Nature.

I can see how a person can get caught up in collecting pieces.  Once you own one, it's close to impossible to stop there!  


  1. So pretty. I bet you two had great fun!

    M : )

    1. We sure's quite lovely being surrounded by all that!