Sunday, June 21, 2009

They're Baaaaack!

Oh deer. Bambi and Faline are back again tonight, and they got much closer to the house this time. They just sort of stood their ground when we went out this time. My 3 daughters were with me, and I can just imagine what the four-legged intruders were thinking. "That crazed woman is back and she brought her young with her. We can take them....they don't look that scary."

(I don't look scary? Are you nuts?? You should see me before I put on make-up in the morning! Sheesh!)

Anyway, joke's on them! My son covered both pumpkin plants with netting earlier today! HaHa! Unless of course these are smarter-than-average deer and they figure out how to get through the netting. Or worse yet, they can't get through the netting and begin acting like teenagers--stamping their hooves, tearing up the ground, lashing out at anyone that comes close to them, heads spinning on their necks, unintelligble words spewing from their mouths (sorry, got carried away there)...then we're in real danger! We could have crazed deer running rampant throughout the neighborhood! THIS COULD BE THE BEGINNING-OF-THE-END OF PEACE IN THE PUMPKIN PATCH!

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